Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood

Where to find us……


Belfast Farmers Market:
Friday 9 a.m.-1 p.m
at the Aubuchon Hardware Greenhouse, 231 Northport Ave, Belfast

Bath Farmers Market:
Saturday 9 a.m.- Noon
at the Freight Shed Alliance on Commercial St.

Brunswick Winter Market:
Saturday 9 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.
Fort Andross, Main Street


Brunswick Farmers Market:
Tuesday & Friday 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
On the Mall

Boothbay Farmers Market:
Thursday 9 a.m. – Noon
Boothbay Common

Belfast Farmers Market:
Friday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Waterfall Arts. 256 High Street, Belfast

Bath Farmers Market:
Saturday 8:30 a.m. – Noon
Waterfront Park

Fresh Catch of the Week

Tom Penniman at Market

We usually update the Catch  by mid day on  Wednesday or Thursday.

Tom & Tracy Penniman
(207) 350-7054

Please bring a plastic bag and cooler for your purchase. Maine’s single use plastic bag law means we will still have plenty of ice, but no bag to put it into.

Catch of the Week

Week of November  27th


 Haddock, Salmon


 Scallops,  John’s River Oysters

From Our Kitchen

To view descriptions of these items visit From Our Kitchen.


Dairy Free Smoked Salmon Spread
Roasted Smoked Salmon
New Harbor Crab Dip
Roasted Smoked Salmon Pâté
Smoked White Fish Pâté

Main Course

Scallop Casserole
Old English Fish Pie
Lobster Mac & Cheese – Large Size (33 oz)
Marinara Clam Sauce

Cakes & Burgers

Crab Cake
Fish Burger
Clam Cakes-Gluten Free
Haddock Burgers-Gluten Free
Salmon Burgers

Chowders, Bisque & Stock

Haddock Chowder
Swedish Style Haddock Chowder
Fish Chowder
Lobster Bisque With Lobster
Fish Stock
Lobster Stock, quarts only

From Our Kitchen

Tom Penniman at MarketOur state licensed commercial kitchen located in New Harbor, Maine is where we prepare all of the products that are listed in this section. Currently, these products are only available at the farmers markets where we sell our products.

Expand the categories listed below to get a look at our value added product line.



Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood Scallop Casserole Over Pasta

Our scallop casserole is made with wild caught deep sea scallops from the North Atlantic covered with a rich cheese sauce topped with panko crumbs. These casseroles are a great stand alone meal or as a topping over pasta or rice. Available in 10 oz or a crowd pleasing 29 oz size.


Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood Old English Fish Pie

Real comfort food here. These Shepard like pies contain white fish, salmon and smoked haddock covered with a cheese sauce topped with real mashed potatoes (Maine grown). This recipe has received many thumbs up from our English friends as a dish they remembered growing up. Available in 12 oz & 38 oz pie tins.


Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood Lobster Mac 'n Cheese

Four different cheeses go into our mac & cheese along with a generous amount of Maine lobster with a panko bread crumb topping. Available in 13.5 oz loaf tins and large size 33 oz.


Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood Marinara Sauce

A light marinara sauce is loaded with clams and seasoned perfectly with garlic herbs and spices. Great on pasta or as a pizza sauce. Available in 16 oz .



Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood Crab Cakes
If you're looking for a crab cake that is loaded with hand picked crab , look no further! Each hand crafted cake is jammed full of Gulf of Maine crab with a minimal amount of binder to hold them together with a nice balance of spice to compliment the crab flavor.
Packed as singles or money saving 3 packs.


Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood Fish Burger
Made with haddock and seasoned with parsley - great on a grilled burger bun served with tartar sauce or on a bed of greens. A filling lunch or dinner.
3.5 ounces each.


Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood Clam Cake
Our Clam Cakes are loaded with chopped clams. Rice bread crumbs make them gluten free. Lightly seasoned with onion and parsley. 3.5 ounces each.
Packed singularly or in a money saving 3 pack.


Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood Haddock Burger
Made with wild caught Gulf of Maine haddock seasoned with parsley and a binder of rice bread crumbs. 3.5 ounces each.
Packed singularly or in a money saving 3 pack.


Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood Salmon Burger
Our Salmon Burgers are crammed with North Atlantic Salmon. We use very little bread crumbs and they are lightly seasoned with dill. 3.5 ounces each.
Packed singularly or in a money saving 3 pack.